How do my donations help?

Donovan’s Kids Camp is for campers ages 8-14. The camp welcomes amputee and non-amputee kids, and it provides an incredible opportunity for peer-to-peer growth. This is not your typical summer camp. Yes, we have all the regular games and activities, and we take our kids to places like the All-American Derby Downs, home of the soapbox derby. But what really sets us apart is simple: we create the opportunity for amputee kids to forget about their prostheses and to have a chance to just be regular kids.

Our mission is to facilitate the development of a lasting and much needed support network for these children.

We hope you consider joining us in our mission and donate to this amazing organization.

Donovan’s Kids Camp is a camp hosted by Project Summit, a nonprofit organization based out of Akron, Ohio. Project Summit seeks to sponsor and facilitate opportunities that enable those who are physically challenged to grow and develop.