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Join Us August 6 – 11, 2017!

Donovan’s Kids Camp is a summer camp for amputees, orthopedic kids with braces and those who are without limb limitations. Children ages 8 – 14 may attend FREE. We proudly unite children with and without amputations to help each understand the similarities and challenges that both groups, and all children, have in common.

An overnight camp, Donovan’s Kids Camp is held at the Akron Rotary Camp located in Summit County, Ohio. The camp is surrounded by Lake Rex and provides great water activities for the kids. Donovan’s Kids Camp is just not your regular camp. We also offer some really cool off-site fun. Each year we work on a new and exciting adventure. What will it be in 2017? Come to camp and find out!

For more information on Donovan’s Kids Camp, call 330.807.7270 or email Michael Livingston.

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